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Crucifixion App Concept Video

This is promotional video I created as part of my thesis project for the Crucifixion App prototype. It details the basis for “Jesus Last Days.” “Jesus Last Days” is the final name I settled on for the App and a new video is on the works.

Tapatio Hot Sauce App Concept Video

This is a commercial style video I created for my class assignment the subject of which I selected the Tapatio Hot Sauce and showcases instant gratification with a new product delivery method for the modern times.

Ventura Botanical Gardens App

I designed the VBG app UI for the Ventura Botanical Gardens taking as a base their logo and client brief. It was specifically designed for iOS and it contains Geo Fencing features for the different walking paths at their location.

Migraine Tracker App

The Migraine Tracker App is concept app for those that suffer from chronic headaches. The app is meant to provide for a central journal where the user can keep important details about their headaches and be able to provide that information to their medical professional. The app is primarily developed in actionscript 3 and packaged for iOS and will be deployed to the App Store when complete.

Jesus Last Days App

The Jesus Last Days app is bible app that focuses on the last days of Jesus Christ by focusing on the events that led to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. I am developing the app for my thesis project and creating it as a hybrid app in Cordova, utilizing html5, css and javascript and packaging it initially for iOS. The entire bible is also included and it contains a dynamic timeline that shows the reader their place in time as they are reading as well as geographic location.

Migraine Tracker Concept Video

I started to work on an app design to help people keep track of recurring migraines as part of a school assignment and this is the video animation I created to show a mockup of the app which is still in progress.

Got Milk 3D Render

This is a simple model I created utilizing the Got Mil theme to show how light refracts as it passes through glass and reflects on solid surfaces. Created in Cinema 4D

Waipuni Kahalu‘u Website and Interactive Atlas

I created the design for this website and coded the front end in html, css and javascript. I coded the atlas in actionscript 3 and incorporated it into the website. The site sports backend and GIS components coded by a team of programmers.

Selfie Video

This is school project I did for my motion graphics class. It was inspired by the movie THX-1138 and the short story by Isaac Asimov’s “I Robot.” Music track is “My Sharona” by the Knack.

Chess Tutor App Design

This app is intended to introduce the very novice to the game of chess. It teaches the basic moves to get them started and some of the history of chess. Initially, it was created entirely in flash for deployment on the desktop via Adobe Air, however, it will eventually be ported to the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Extinction Concept Video

This is part of a school assignment to create a video story.
My story is about extinction. I filmed this with a Canon Rebel Xti and used a green screen background except for the jungle plants which came from a nearby field.
Post-production was done in After Effects. The sound track was composed in Logic Pro X.

Long Beach Convention Center Routing Application

The idea behind this school project is that when you are at a convention, or other venue and you want to show your patrons how to get from point A to point B, you need a map of sorts. This solution shows the visitors to this convention, how to get from the main entrance to any of the built in destinations. I only built a few destinations on this prototype to show functionality, with the idea that this will be developed for mobile access, too.

DGraphics Logo

This is a custom logo I created for myself when I began freelancing. The idea being that I wanted something off-the wall. I started with rough sketches and created the logotype in illustrator, then exported the outlines into Strata and applied the finishing touches in Photoshop.

Boston the Band Poster Design

This is a school project that required the creation of a poster for a band or concert. I selected Boston the Band and created this poster for a fictitious concert. Emphasis was to be placed on the type to describe the subject of which the poster was created for. I created sketches of the poster and selected this final version. I created the outlines for the font and exported to Strata 3D where I extruded and added materials and reflected environments. I added background elements in Photoshop.